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Why sleeping naked in sweltering summers may NOT be good for your health!


New Delhi: As the temperatures soar, sleep pattern changes for some. Even though we start ditching the heavy blankets, long pajamas and shift to comfy clothes, blazing heat makes sound sleep a distant dream. 

Experts believe sleeping naked might not be the brightest idea to beat a hot summer night. 

Cons of sleeping naked on warm nights

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Julius Patrick, Lead Sleep Physiologist at Bupa’s Cromwell Hospital explains that this practice can worsen your sleep. How? Well, for starters, it prevents sweat from evaporating from your body taking away the cooling effect of evaporation of sweat. So, essentially, you’re left with a sweaty body and no cooling effect.

Instead of going with your birthday suit, sleep physiologist Julius Patrick advises to wear ‘light bedclothes’ such as cottons, linens while sleeping for absorption and evaporation of sweat.

Tips to sleep during a heatwave

Some other easy ways to ensure a comfortable sleep when it’s too warm include – opening the windows if the weather outside is cooler, opting for thin bedcovers and lastly, and taking a warm shower before sleeping as it will loosen your muscles and cool you down, helping you fall asleep faster.

Why getting proper sleep is important

Apart from the refreshing feeling we get after a good night’s sleep, there are a plethora of benefits derived from sleeping well. It improves memory, ensures a longer life and healthy weight, spurs creativity, sharpens attention, and lowers stress.s

We hope you get good night’s sleep this summer!


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