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Woman’s attempt at ‘Goddess yoga pose’ goes horribly wrong, watch what happened


New Delhi: With everyone finding a love for Yoga and enjoying online sessions, many have started showing off their power moves to get more attention on social media and become famous.

This one lady took up a particularly dangerous and extremely difficult yoga pose and shocked netizens with the video of what happened when she tried that pose.

In the video the lady is supposed to be doing something called the ‘Goddess pose’. The video begins with her squatting on a bar table balancing on nothing but two glass bottles.

The woman soon loses balance and goes flying off the bar table leaving some netizens in splits and others in shock wondering if she is fine.

Watch to see what the ‘Goddess pose’ looks like and please do not try this at home:


This video has been shared on the social media site Twitter Video on an account named Hold My Beer. 

Sometimes small mistakes lead to big accidents. Netizens are hoping the woman suffered no bad injuries but the video went viral very quickly.

So far more than 43 thousand people have seen this video. Some people are enjoying the video and say in the comments of the video that with practice she will be able to do this pose (Goddess Yoga Pose).

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