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World Food Safety Day 2021: Theme, Significance And 4 Easy Tips To Keep Your Food Safe


The importance of eating healthy needs no introduction. Clean, healthy and safe foods help in our nourishment and overall growth. Hence, to mark its importance, World Food Safety Day (WFSD) is observed on June 7, annually. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this day is observed to “draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development.” Every year, WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) jointly celebrate this day and the Member States and other relevant organisations.

World Food Safety Day 2021: History, Significance And Theme:

An official statement on the United Nation’s website reads that approximately 600 million people get affected with foodborne illness annually. “An estimated 4,20,000 people around the world die every year after eating contaminated food and children under 5 years of age carry 40% of the foodborne disease burden, with 1,25,000 deaths every year,” it further states. Hence, to bring awareness among all, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed in 2018 that June 7 would be celebrated as World Food Safety Day every year. Later, in 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) passed a resolution to strengthen the global effort for food safety.

Every year, this day is observed by initiating health and food-related campaigns across the globe. This year (2021), the theme for World Food Safety Day is ‘Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’. It stresses on the fact that consumption of healthy and safe food has both short and long-term benefits among all.

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Eating healthy and safe food is important for overall betterment
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World Food Safety Day 2021: 4 Tips On How To Keep Your Food Safe:

Today (June 7, 2021), on the occasion of World Food Safety Day, we bring 4 simple tips that will help you indulge in clean and safe eating every day. These tips have been shared on the official Twitter handle of Fit India Movement – an Indian Government initiative to encourage people to remain healthy and fit.

The tweet reads, “According to WHO- Food safety, nutrition and food security are interlinked. Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition. Break this circle by following these 4 easy steps.”

The four easy tips include:

1. Clean:

Always wash your food, hands, counters and cooking tools.

2. Separate:

Keep raw foods to themselves. Germs can spread from one food to another.

3. Cook:

Meals need to stay hot as heat kills germs.

4. Chill:

Once the food is at room temperature, store it in the fridge right away.

“Embrace these 4 steps and enjoy its benefits,” the tweet further reads in Hindi.

Eat healthily, stay fit. Happy World Food Safety Day 2021, everyone!


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